Dominic White

101-17 Partheroola paraway moomera (Fire get away wood)

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50 x 50cm Inkjet photographic print on cotton rag with pastel by Dominic White

This work is an outcome of Baluk Arts’ Gumbadik (Soft Tree Fern) project which connected local Aboriginal people of diverse heritage to one of the few original natural environments of the Mornington Peninsula. Endeavour Fern Gully in Red Hill which is managed by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), holds a rich history and cultural significance which captured the imagination of this important collective of Indigenous artists.

Dominic’s Indigenous connection is through his birth mothers line linking with the Mannalargenna and Plangermaireener (Ben Lomond tribe) people in Tasmania. Dominic has completed tertiary training in the visual arts and has been an artist for over thirty years. Dominic currently sits on Baluk Arts board of directors and has been involved heavily with the organisation since joining in 2015. His artwork explores themes of landscape and peoples interaction with place, family, genetics and biology.

Resilience to critical judgement, the chance of being burnt by my interpretation and use of a place through words I claim through happenstance and resonant discovery.