Tallara Gray

232-16 Ocean Layers (with Sand) 3/3

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40 x 40cm Inkjet photographic print on foamcore board by Tallara Gray

Tallara is a descendant of the Gudang people of far north Cape York.  Tallara grew up on Yuggera and Ugarapul country in South East Queensland, and has only recently moved to the Mornington Peninsula and joined the Baluk Arts team.  Tallara has been and continues to be involved with Seed, Australia’s first Indigenous Youth Climate Action group, which has groups nationally.  She graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of visual art (fine art) Honors in 2015.  Her honors project titled "You and I are worthwhile: Exploring cultural and environmental agency through contemporary art" expressed lived experiences of identity politics and environmental activism to create a body of artworks that reflect the interactions, stories and memories that make up that narrative. Tallara continues to be interested in exploring her experience of Aboriginal culture and family narratives through the natural landscape and stories. Her work takes the form of sculpture and mixed media works, including photographic and text explorations.  

This print is part of a series which captures the marks made on seaside features with ochre and other natural materials found in location.  Tallara is interested in spending time with natural materials in situ as a way of grounding the mind and body and connecting with culture.