Patsy Smith

282-12 Parliament Forest 1/3

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Patsy's work reflects themes of displacement, reconnection, cultural heritage, community, tradition and pride. Her imagery draws the viewer in and encourages an emotional response to the work. In Parliament Forest, the layers hold concepts that are more evolved, like the cultural-political dimensions to our life. Knowing we need to abide by the laws of the Government,  we  also  live  knowing we need to respect the laws of our land and the guidance of our elders.

"Photography is the medium I work best with because it allows me to layer the various worlds that I live in. We all live and breathe and eat the same but as an Indigenous person, there’s always another layer that guides you. My works represent that complex relationship. What impacts on me is that the picture is only one dimensional but in my mind I see the other dimensions that  create the story’s depth.  Sometimes, the stories come too quickly. I start adding layers and layers and then find I have to simplify the image. Other times, I can tell the story with a couple of layers. Sometimes though, the image is enough on its own. It tells a story and you don’t want to do anymore with it."

First print from a series of three.

Limited edition, photography print on paper

Size: 53 x 84cm

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