Daniel Kelly

385-20 Djiel Warrk (Fire Stick Tree); Work on paper

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60 x 60cm mixed media print on cotton rag by Daniel Kelly

This work is an outcome of Baluk Arts’ Gumbadik (Soft Tree Fern) project which connected local Aboriginal people of diverse heritage to one of the few original natural environments of the Mornington Peninsula. Endeavour Fern Gully in Red Hill which is managed by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), holds a rich history and cultural significance which captured the imagination of this important collective of Indigenous artists.

Dan is of Wathaurong heritage and is a prolific Aboriginal artist. Dan has a diverse practice, with his work focusing on reconnecting with culture and expressing his passion for Aboriginal issues, family, environment and politics. The mediums Dan works with include paint, ochre, stencil, wood carving, limestone carving and natural jewellery. Dan has exhibited his works extensively throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.