Beverley Meldrum

536-19 Kelp, shell, ghostnet necklace

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Size: 13 x 5 x 39 cm 

Material: Kelp, Shell & Reclaimed Ghost Net on leather


“I love the beach. I've always lived near the beach even in my childhood. I love the smell of the ocean and the seaweed. Other people wind their windows up when driving past seaweed but not me: I wind my window down and inhale deeply. It's such a healing thing, the ocean. It's powerful and provides food, meditation, energy and life.”

"Each piece of kelp is different and unique. Different colours, textures, grains. It is always uncertain how it is going to dry and what it will look like, and it is a surprise for me. Sometimes I see a piece on the beach and have an idea for it when I pick it up but in the end, the kelp is its own boss. I can set it up anyway I want - I can care for it, tentatively, over night, like a baby, making sure it is drying properly - but ultimately it does what it wants to and I let it do its thing."   Bev Meldrum