Samantha Trist

537-20 Lorikeet Earrings

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6 x 3.5cm

Lorikeet feathers and glass beads on sterling silver hoops, with sterling silver embellishments by Sam Trist.

Our feathers are reclaimed from fallen ones who have succumbed to accident or other natural causes. They are often gifted to our artists for memorialisation in their works.

Samantha Trist likes to make and create. She grew up in Bulleen and is a proud Taungurung woman of the Warring Illum Bulok clan. As a child she cherished holidays with her Indigenous grandmother Elsie in Yea, and now, living on the Mornington Peninsula, she loves to express herself through art made from the heart.
Working with possum skins, native feathers (especially emu), and pyrographic techniques, Sams designs are about sharing her Culture. She has had a long career in early childhood education, and these days teaches Indigenous dance to young girls, shares cultural knowledge with National Trust visitors and creates beautiful cultural objects and wearables with Baluk Arts.