Nannette Shaw

751-19 - Small Kelp Water Vessel

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Cat#751-19 Bull Kelp Water Carrier by Auntie Nannette Shaw

This water vessel represents the three family groups in Tasmania, the Bull Kelp was gathered on the North-West and represents the (Dolly) Dalrymple Briggs Johnson Descendants.

The Tea-Tree wood was gathered on the North-East and represents the Bass Strait Islanders (Tyereelore Island Women) Descendants. And the river reed was gathered in the south and represents the Descendants of Fanny Cochrane-Smith.

The concept of making this is the same as it was by Tasmanian Aboriginal women in traditional days. The last Traditional Water Carrier was made in 1851. This traditional practice connects Nannette to country, is good for her health and nourishes her soul.

Netty enjoys the sense of connection with ancestors from times before through her practice.

Nannette Shaw is a Tyereelore Elder from Tasmania, also with ties to the Boonwurrung/Bunurong people of Southern Victoria. She makes Bull Kelp Water Vessels by the same practice that was used by Tasmanian Aboriginal women in traditional times.