Yvonne Luke

95-17 Aweyel Ampa Arrkernirreyel (Hear Child Playing) Work on Paper

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50 x 50cm Inkjet photographic print on paper with pastel by Yvonne Luke

This work is an outcome of Baluk Arts’ Gumbadik (Soft Tree Fern) project which connected local Aboriginal people of diverse heritage to one of the few original natural environments of the Mornington Peninsula. Endeavour Fern Gully in Red Hill which is managed by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), holds a rich history and cultural significance which captured the imagination of this important collective of Indigenous artists.

Yvonne Luke is Alyawarr woman who joined Baluk Arts in 2013 and is a board member, artist and active contributor to our community.  Yvonne is a retired Aboriginal welfare worker who is a former respected Elder of the Broadmeadows Koori Court and received the Robin Clark Memorial Award in 2003 for her dedication and advocacy for young Aboriginal people. Yvonne creates three dimensional works and paintings of her country around the Davenport Ranges in the Northern Territory.

"This image enhances nostalgic memories of my childhood.  I remember playing in ‘the woods’, which was just the vacant block across the road and looking for flowers to pick for my mother."