Dominic White

974-19 - Coolamon Quill neckpiece

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Cat#974-19 Coolamon Quill by Dominic White

A stunning piece composed of recycled sterling silver, heat coloured steel and Tasmanian Blackwood on a leather strap. The series of wearable pieces by Dominic White reference protection and battle, male and female and landscape as a guide for how to live.

Dominic White is a Trawlwoolway man from the northeast Tasmania, a descendant of Woretemoeteyenner and her father Mannalargenna through the Campbell line.

He works across mediums currently exploring sculptural works, often combining different natural materials and objects with a range of technologies. He seeks a poetic connection and conversation between different materials.

Wild sourced clays, kelp, feathers, steel, timber, traditional printmaking techniques and digital processes frequently appear within his practice and he often creates bespoke tools for specific purpose.