Kevin Williams

Connection to Country - Painting

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"The land and country around where I live has the Gunbower Creek and Kow Swamp waters flow across the land. Both of these place have great cultural and spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people.  I have collected the leaves and branches from both the Gunbower Creek and Kow Swamp to create Connection to Country. The leaves and branches have been layered with the paint and allowed me to create this piece."

Kevin Williams is an internationally renowned Aboriginal artist, whose practice is strongly influenced by the Waradjuri land where he grew up. Over the years he has developed an ability to be able to capture the natural characteristics of the land, native Australian animals, the environment, and then combine them together with the markings and symbols of the Waradjuri.

Size- 100cm x 50cm

Medium- Acrylic on Canvas

Cat # 228-23

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