Kevin Williams

Naglan Nguuruung, Fire of the night - painting on canvas

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Kevin is a Waradjuri Artist and was born and raised on the Sandhill in Narrandera NSW and have been a working Artist for well over 40 years. He is internationally renowned and has exhibited locally, Nationally and Internationally. 

He tells the story of this painting:

"The traditional practice of the burning off of the land is a custom and practice that Aboriginal People have done for centuries.

It is an intrinsic part of our culture, it has great spiritual and cultural significance.

It is done to replenish the land and care for Mother Nature and is done at a time of year when the weather is cool.

This painting represents this time with Blue showing the coolness of the weather.

The fires are lit and they shine bright as the evening highlight the burning of the undergrowth and if you look closely and listen you will hear the voices of my ancestor as the sing their sacred song of Naglan Nguuruung."

Fire of the Night is a striking piece, painted on stretched canvas, measuring 119cm x 103cm

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