Kevin Williams

Bandahaar- painting on canvas

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Kevin is a Waradjuri Artist and was born and raised on the Sandhill in Narrandera NSW and have been a working Artist for well over 40 years. He is internationally renowned and has exhibited locally, Nationally and Internationally. 

He tells the story of this painting:

"Our Culture is of oral tradition and it is important for us to pass on our stories to the next generation to keep our culture alive.

This painting is about Gandahlawa (the Long Neck Turtle) and Bandahar (the Kangaroo) as they come to meet at the Waradjuri Bora Grounds to pass on our stories to the next generation.

We can see the tracks across the land as they come to meet along the Murrumbigee River to tell of Waradjuri stories to our young ones signified by the images of the young hands."

Bandahaar is a stretched canvas, measuring 130cm x 73cm