Kevin Williams

Dhuuliyn - painting on canvas

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Kevin is a Waradjuri Artist and was born and raised on the Sandhill in Narrandera NSW and have been a working Artist for well over 40 years. He is internationally renowned and has exhibited locally, Nationally and Internationally. 

He tells the story of this painting:

"The meeting places of the Waradjuri are our Bora Grounds. 

It is here we come together to share our stories and pass on these stories and our culture to the next generation.

The Bora Grounds are place of great cultural and spiritual significance to our people and are adorned with ground carving and tree carving signify the importance of them.

The Dhuuliyn are one of these tree carving and this painting represents the Dhuuliyn journey over the many years and the symbols and patterns and markings of the Waradjuri."

Dhuuliyn is an unstretched canvas, measuring 186cm x 73cm