N'dene Riley

Branches that Connect us

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N’Dene Riley is an emerging artist best known for her luminant imagery of the ocean and sea life. With ancestry from the Aboriginal people of Tasmania, she now resides on the Mornington Peninsula. Her relationship with the land and the water informs her work, seeking tribute to the strength and beauty of the ocean along with its healing powers. She draws on her connection to her ancestors and the stories passed down about how to respect and care for the ocean. Through the use of circles and symbols, she portrays a connectedness between all living things. Working mainly with acrylic on canvas, N’Dene imparts a unique message of hope and positivity with every painting.

Acrylic on stretched canvas


91cm x 91cm

# 144-23

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"The (Ocean) Lienna not only has creatures, shells, rocks on it, it has beautiful driftwood from the fallen trees that surround it. We sit underneath the trees and watch the Lienna and we wait for branches to fall into the water. We collect, share and use that wood to create many things. Some are art forms, others are decorations and healing items we store in our bags or cars. Often, I keep what I find on my walks in my car to remind me of the healing of nature.

My hope is that this painting is a reminder of enjoying all of nature, finding pieces that have a message of peace, love and healing in them. When you are walking along the beach, or any nature trail you find the pieces that make sense to you. The Ocean will protect you and all your families when we respect and care for it.”