N'dene Riley

Ocean's Deeper Discovery

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N’Dene Riley is an emerging artist best known for her luminant imagery of the ocean and sea life. With ancestry from the Aboriginal people of Tasmania, she now resides on the Mornington Peninsula. Her relationship with the land and the water informs her work, seeking tribute to the strength and beauty of the ocean along with its healing powers. She draws on her connection to her ancestors and the stories passed down about how to respect and care for the ocean. Through the use of circles and symbols, she portrays a connectedness between all living things. Working mainly with acrylic on canvas, N’Dene imparts a unique message of hope and positivity with every painting.

Acrylic on stretched canvas


76cm x 101cm

# 143-23

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"The Lienna wuttya (Ocean) is calling us to take a deeper and educated look within to discover joy and peace is still available to us. Traditionally, as Aboriginal people, we know the power of the water. We watch, wait and learn from the surface and the depth. It’s natural rhythm has been healing us for many moons. We are smart people who capture that healing in our artwork, our stories, our dance and in all areas of life.

This painting is a web that connects you to the deeper wonders of the Ocean. My own stories are in it of my grandparents, my dad’s fishing times and all the stories of the sea creatures that he shared with me. Where the biggest and best fish live. He studied the waterways as a child hoping to find food for himself and his family.

My hope is that you connect to this painting in your home and remember all the wonderful moments you have with your visits to the Ocean. That you learn the way that water heals and teaches patience, and it stays with you through your day!’