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Ngarrnga To See, To Listen, To Hear, To Understand (Educational Activity Resource Book)

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Ngarrnga – To See, Listen, Hear, Understand is an art-based Aboriginal activity book which was developed by artists at Baluk Arts from a strong need locally for genuine Indigenous resources. The book highlights a selection of our member’s language groups from each state and territory in Australia to raise awareness of the diversity of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. Sections include general information, a story, an activity and an arts activity and is aimed at primary school age children.

Ngarrnga is a Boonwurrung word that translates as to see, to hear, to listen, to understand and to know, to hold wisdom and knowledge. We hope that this book is a valuable resource that provides an array of useful Indigenous general information that hopefully prompts you to research Aboriginal history and culture further and ngarrnga.

This resource has greatly come about from a demand in schools, we have taken lots of queries and concerns that many teachers have about teaching Aboriginal teaching in school. They are wanting to teach meaningful and respectful aspects of this wonderful culture and truly found it difficult to do. There are over 500 Aboriginal languages around Australia and we have covered just one from each state and territory, this has been chosen because our members are from all over Australia and Torres Strait.

The book contains a helpful resource section and also some general information to assist you. Ngarrnga holds general information, it is easy to read, entertaining, and contains many ideas for how to respectfully educate and impart Aboriginal information about this wonderful diverse and incredible country of ours.


This project has been supported by the City of Melbourne Indigenous Arts Grant Program, the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, and the Federal Government through the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program.

The classroom teacher may reproduce copies of materials in this book for classroom use only. The reproduction of any part for an entire school system is strictly prohibited. No part of this publication may be transmitted, stored, or recorded in any form without the written permission from the publisher.