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Yenga! Sing! 2016

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Yenga! Sing! 2016 is an Indigenous compilation showcasing unsigned Indigenous talent from around Melbourne. It is a fresh and eclectic mix which takes the listener on a journey of personal stories from Aboriginal people in the south east.

You will be touched by Allyson Walker’s haunting and powerful lyrics describing the moment a family member was stolen; and transported to Bourke through Kent Morris’ great outback travelling music. Fred Gesha’s chilled out feel good song about enjoying life will inspire you and Nola’s song with a country touch will get your foot tapping. The cute Bruva Boys are three brothers aged 13, 12 and 10 at the time of recording, and they will make you smile with their rap about what reconciliation means to them.

Masterfully produced by Manfred Kaindel of Kunsthaus Music and coordinated and published by Aboriginal art centre Baluk Arts, Yenga! which is a Woiwurrung, Taungurung and Boonwurrung word that translates as to sing, to chant, to hum and so on, will be a perfect addition to your playlist.

Tracks are available on iTunes or to stream now on Spotify

Track Listing:

1. Baluk Arts, Tootgarook Wetlands Yenga Guyap Guyap (Song of Birds)
2. Fred Gesha, Mountain Top 
3. Kent Morris, Bourke Bound 
4. Allyson Walker, Footprints in the Sand 
5. Nola Lauch, Blackbird 
6. Bruva Boys, Manfred Kaindel, Better Future 
7. Allyson Walker, Gentle with My Heart 
8. Kent Morris, Sunset to the Sand Goanna Man 
9. Talgium Edwards, Yenga Ngarrngabun (Words of Wisdom)


This project has been supported by the City of Melbourne Indigenous Arts Grant Program, the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, and the Federal Government through the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program.